Entertainment Size

Liquid FX brings you – Wood Pergolas for Entertainment Sized applications.

  1. This kind of pergola is truly a beautiful sight to behold. Because of the grand sizes of these pergolas, they are the envy of the neighborhood!
  2. Hold business meetings and corporate events under one of these pergolas. The sheer sizes are sufficient for any arrangement of tables and seating. Line tables along both sides with food galore. Arrange chairs and tables down the center. Position the sound system and microphone at one end and you’re all set! (Bonus: you have the option of upgrading your pergola to include drilling for power—no cords or wires to trip over!)
  3. Excellent for wedding receptions too! With lights and decorations added, your reception can last well into the evening with no trouble at all. Refreshments are easily served from the outdoor kitchen area and there is ample room to mingle and dance without feeling crowded!
  4. If you have a big family or love to host your own private parties, this size is the way to go. You can set up multiple patio sets, add a fire pit or two, attach a swing, and still have plenty of room to move about.
  5. Teenagers and adults alike will love to hang out at your place when you incorporate a game area under your pergola too. Add ping-pong, foosball, air hockey, pool tables and more. They’ll never want to go anywhere else!
  6. Great for having dances too! With alternative flooring options, you can have any kind of dances you want out of doors! The fresh air and the stars above add vigor and excitement to any outdoors activity held beneath these spacious pergolas. The bigger the better!
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March 29, 2014