Family Size

Liquid FX brings you – Wood Pergolas for family sized applications.

  • This pergola type is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. From barbecues to family gatherings, this one covers pretty much everything. The possibilities are endless.
  • Create memories that last a lifetime by spending time together under the pergola. Add a fireplace or barbecue grill for eating out. Better yet, build your own outdoor kitchen! Very few things are more bonding than spending time cooking and eating together.
  • Provides great shade for your outdoor pool. Relax with a cool drink as you sit back in your lounge chair and enjoy your outdoor retreat!
  • Mount a TV on your pergola so you can enjoy the cool breeze and the fresh air outside without missing your favorite show!
  • Turn into an outdoor gym by attaching a punching bag, aerobic swings, bars, or any other type of exercise equipment! These pergolas are built to last and have the capacity to hold multiple accessories. 6. Add next to a volleyball/tennis/basketball court for a place to sit back and enjoy the game without melting in the heat of the day!
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March 29, 2014