Lounge Size

Liquid FX brings you – Wood Pergolas for lounge size applications.

  • This pergola kit is perfect for setting over and protecting a hot tub. Enjoy the privacy it provides as you add curtains and drapes around the sides, giving you your own secluded relaxing place right in your very own backyard!
  • Great for a small patio set and a few plants or other accessories. You can invite a few guests over to have a drink and to sit back and relax. It’s also just the right size for a romantic evening alone with your loved one!
  • This kit works fantastic as a breezeway for the entrance of your home, garden, or property. Put border plants alongside the posts and attach lattices to add personality!
  • Ideal for use as an arbor in secluded corners with hammocks, swings, or benches attached. Climbing roses, delicious grapevines, or any other type of climbing plants are beautiful!
  • “I do.” Two of the most important words you will ever say in your lifetime. Make it even more memorable by exchanging your wedding vows beneath a beautiful pergola draped with twinkling lights and sheer curtains, swaying in the breeze. (Other wedding ideas: see below!)
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March 29, 2014