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Liquid FX Pools and Michael David Winery

 Michael David Winery

Liquid FX Pools and Michael David Winery

     Michael David Winery is a family owned and operated company. Home of the 7 Deadly Zins, Earthquake, Freak show & Petite Petit. They also provide a great fruit stand, cafe and bakery. They offer a wide range of award winning handcrafted wines with something for every palate. Be sure to stick around for breakfast or lunch and you can’t go home without one of their famous pies! Vist them at

     Michael David Winery is always looking to improve their guest experience. This year they looked to Mike and Nick Saia of Liquid FX Pools to do just that. Liquid FX Pools has the responsibility of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. As Mike Saia puts it, Extraordinary Outdoor Environments, “Inspired By Nature”. With a large pond and waterfall surrounded by the all new outdoor tasting area we will bring Michael David Winery’s guest experience to the next level. For more details or to find out how we can help you visit us at

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California ponds and water gardens

Water Gardens

Liquid FX Pools – California ponds and water gardens Builder

   Liquid FX  California ponds and water gardens, also known as aquatic gardens, are a type of man-made water feature. A water garden is defined as any interior or exterior landscape or architectural element whose primarily purpose is to house, display, or propagate a particular species or variety of aquatic plant. Although a water garden’s primary focus is on plants, they will sometimes also house ornamental fish, in which case the feature will be a fish pond.

Water Ponds

Liquid FX Pools – California ponds and water gardens Builder

   A pond is a body of standing water, either natural or man-made, that is usually smaller than a lake. They may arise naturally in floodplains as part of a river system, or they may be somewhat isolated depressions (examples include vernal pools and prairie potholes). Usually they contain shallow water with marsh and aquatic plants and animals. A few animals also make ponds, including both alligators and beavers. The type of life in a pond is generally determined by a combination of factors including water level regime (particularly depth and duration of flooding) and nutrient levels, but other factors may also be important, including presence or absence of shading by trees, presence or absence of streams, effects of grazing animals, and salinity.

   Liquid FX Pools also make ponds. A wide variety of bodies of water are classified as ponds. Some ponds are created specifically for habitat restoration, including water treatment. Others, like water gardens, water features and koi ponds are designed for aesthetic ornamentation as landscape or architectural features. Fish ponds are designed for commercial fish breeding, and solar ponds designed to store thermal energy.

   Standing bodies of water such as puddles, ponds, and lakes are often categorized separately from flowing water courses, such as a brook, creek, stream or river. Nutrient levels and water quality in natural or man-made ponds can be controlled through natural process such as algal growth, or man-made filtration such as an algae scrubber

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Pools & Spas

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March 29, 2014