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Liquid FX Pools and Michael David Winery – REGGAE & RHONE 

Liquid FX Pools and Michael David Winery – REGGAE & RHONE


  Michael David Winery continued with their 10th annual REGGAE & RHONE concert(Saturday, August 18, 6 PM), which will
included an unbelievable Rhone style wine tasting under the winery’s gigantic weeping willow tree, a full-on Caribbean style
barbecue dinner (by Stockton’s Breadfruit Tree), and the authentically Jamaican, so-jah-say, dem-belly-full, an amazing pond
( by Liquid FX Pools) and the sounds of Mystic Bowie and his band.
The David wines they were able to enjoy before and during this concert:


  • 201o Michael David, Lodi Incognito White

  • 2009 Michael David, Lodi Incognito Red

  • 2010 Michael David, Bechthold Vineyard Lodi Cinsault

  • 2010 6th Sense Syrah

  • 2010 Michael David, Lodi Petite-Petit

  • 2009 Earthquake, Lodi Petite Sirah

  • 2010 Lodi 7 Heavenly Chards

  • 2009 Lodi 7 Deadly Zins

  • 2010 Michael David, Freakshow Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon

 Then, when Mystic Bowie took his break in the dark of night, you  were able to enjoy Michael David’s traditional REGGAE & RHONE
fire show:  amazing pyrotechnic tricks, acrobatics, and yes, fear defying displays of fire eating prowess put on by a group of beautiful
ladies known as Fire Pixie.  Has to be seen to be believed…
Scenes from this years REGGAE & RHONE and Liquid FX: