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Natural Swimming Pool

Swimming Naturally: The Natural Swimming Pool


Natural Pool Feature:

* Clean, Clear Water (no mud on the bottom)

* Affordable (about the same cost to build, but less ongoing cost-

chemicals for traditional pools can run $300 – $600 a year)

* Low Maintenance (much less then traditional pool)

* Year Round Fun

* Passive Solar Heating (for extended swimming opportunities)

* Water Feature Therapy (which we all can use)

Let’s Go Swimming

Have you ever seen how many pounds of chemicals go into a typical swimming pool? Have you ever read the warning labels on the chemicals used to sterilize typical swimming pools? The basic philosophy behind water quality in a typical swimming pool is to kill everything short of killing the swimmer. There is another way.

In a natural swimming pool we harness nature’s own processes to produce clean, clear water. If you ever had the opportunity to swim in a crystal clear lake or stream, then you know the sense of bliss that only nature can supply. Swimming is much more enjoyable without burning eyes and chemical odor. Interviews with pool owners have shown overwhelming satisfaction.

A great place to swim in not only the benefit that natural swimming pool provides. I becomes he center piece of your own personal paradise, your own reflection pool, one that you can retreat to whenever you want. with flowering plants, a waterfall and a few fish, your pool becomes a beautiful water garden. You can enjoy year round. If you are in a cold climate, you can go ice skating. You natural pool is far more attractive in cooler months than a covered swimming pool. Realtors have found that houses with well constructed water gardens increase resale value more than houses with traditional swimming pools.

A natural swimming pool is a great addition to a holistic lifestyle. Humans have been enjoying natural water resources for millions of years. With fresh water resources waning in many pars of he world, it os nice to know that you have twenty to thirty thousand gallons handy.

City Folk vs. Country Folk


 People living in rural areas often have more experience than city dwellers at swimming in natural water. Swimming holes, lakes and farm ponds are enjoyed worldwide. The water may not be perfectly clear, it may have fish and little critters in it and a layer of mud on the bottom, but on a hot summer day it is the most refreshing experience around. Generations enjoy these water resources and continually improve them. Sharing the water with wildlife is a good thing; they stay out of your way when you are swimming and are a joy to discover the rest of the timeCity Folk on the other hand more experience with chlorinated pools. Public or private swimming pools typically have clear, harbor fears of natural water. To that we say, “Courage is having done it before”, so it is up to the rest us to spread the good news about swimming naturally. In a well designed natural swimming pool, the water is clear (you see what is in it) and its beautiful.The goal of this book is to enable you (the home owner or contractor) to dive into a natural swimming pool project and successfully emerge. We believe that in years to come natural swimming pools will be more popular than traditional pools. The triumph of the natural swimming philosophy is built one pool at a time. We are dedicated to giving you the best information, products and methods to make your project a lasting, scenic heirloom.

The Big Recipe


 The goal of a natural swimming pool project is to create a balanced, self-contained, self – cleaning ecosystem. We start with a hole in the ground and add a liner so it holds water very well. We establish a swimming area and a filtering area. We add skimmers, filters, plumbing and a water pump, to constantly turn over water through the system. Throw in a UV sterilizer for added security and some means of aeration, add plants and an army of friendly bacteria to get the system started, allow a little time for theses to establish, and there you have it- go swimming. You have the best swimming pond you have ever seen and it is ready for years of enjoyment.The anatomy of a Natural swimming poolNatural water chemistry is very complicated. No two pounds inn nature are exactly alike, and the chemistry of everybody of water changes constantly. The seasons. Rain, runoff, debris in the wind and he ponds physical make up all affects the water quality. Safe , clean, natural bodies of water change, but fluctuate within an expectable range. This is our goal of our natural water cleaning system. For our Natural Water Cleaning System( and and system for that matter ) to work properly through out the year, in diverse conditions, and in many regions of the country, a certain amount of the system overkill (or over-sizing) is required. Traditional pool use an overkill of chemical disinfectants to keep the water clean, we use natural processes.NATURAL WATER CLEANING……System Basics1. Containing Water*Water Tight Linear2. Moving water through system*pumping & Plumbing

3. Filtration

*Mechanical filtration

*Skimmer Biological Filters

*Biofiiter Waterfall (Aeration)

*UV sterilizer .

4.Mainting Water Level



5. Careful Choice of Materials

*For thriving plants and o maintain pH and other potential variables

6.Nurturing the pool into Maturity

*Growing a Balanced System