Pebble Tile

Pebble Tile

A pebble mosaic installation adds an exceptional upgrade to any project. By adhering natural pebble to mesh backing we give you the look of hand set pebblecoverall-stone-pebble-tile-thumnail with easy installation.

The wide range of colors, shapes and textures in the mesh-backed tile allow for use in virtually any project, indoor and out. Uses include flooring, bathrooms, showers, pools, decks, patios, wall-cladding and many more.

The interlocking sheets are packaged in boxes and are shipped in a timely manner all over North America, ready for installation upon their arrival. A large amount of each tile is kept in stock, ensuring orders of all sizes can be fulfilled.

 Pebble Tile

Pebble Tile Applications * Entryways, Walkways and Decks

For the lovers of nature, nothing can be more soothing and pleasing than looking at these marvelous pebble tiles, created exclusively for our customers.

Irrespective of whether you get these installed outdoors or indoors, the pebble tiles are sure to bring in a pristine touch of nature in any setting.

The use of pebble tiles is only limited by your imagination. Pebble tiles are extensively used in outdoor areas, such as decks, walkways. These will be a great addition to your property when used as flooring for indoor areas, such as kitchen or bathroom.

You can also enhance the beauty of any outdoor feature, such as pool or fountain, by adorning these with exquisite pebble tiles.  Not only flooring but these tiles can also be used on walls.

Pebble Stone Tile is Available in a Variety of Colors


Pebble tiles are great for creating interesting mosaic pieces and adorn any area of your home. As no two pebbles are of same size or shape, each tile created with these pebbles is unique and exclusive.

Versatility is a prime reason for the ever increasing popularity of pebble tiles. These can perfectly complement any décor and ambiance, whether traditional or contemporary.  Installing pebble tiles can completely transform the look of an entire space. It requires skill and a creative bent of mind to coordinate pebbles of apt size and color, to achieve a uniform look.

The interlocking pattern that is consistent in every tile is what helps in concealing the seams and make the entire setting look completely flawless. However, to get the desired effect, it is crucial that the tiles are installed by experienced and skilled professionals.

Our team of experts pays special attention to maintaining the highest quality standards throughout the process, from sourcing the best quality materials to creating incredible pebble tiles to offer our customers.

Pebble Stone Tile * Perfect for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Showers


Whether you want to install pebble tiles in a particular room or revamp an entire area, we can efficiently provide you with pebble tiles, in required quantity and style, aptly matched to your needs.

We are committed to designing and creating the most wonderful tiles which appositely suit any décor style. Our huge collection of pebble tiles, in amazing colors and designs, is sure to lend an appealing touch to your home décor, which will never go unnoticed.

Explore our amazing collection of pebble tiles online at or call us at (855) 394-3041 for more information.